Our Happy Clients

Building a stellar reputation in a sector with such a passionate community can only be achieved by delivering exceptional customer service and highly sought after vintage toys. We are proud to say that toy collectors across the UK and the world chose to buy and sell through our auction house. Take a look at what our clients have to say about their experiences with British Toy Auctions.

I just wanted to let you know that the wonderful little haberdashery and accommodation you sold to me on behalf of the museum has been delivered and is currently being given pride of place between the more humble 1:16 scale houses of my youth! My real reason for contacting you is to tell you how impressed I have been with your service at British Toy Auctions and to thank you and the ladies who responded to my newbie on-line bidder’s perhaps silly questions. Also, to thank you all for putting me in touch with Amanda and Dave, who have turned out to be the best couriers I have ever dealt with – and I have dealt with many over the years as we live in such a remote area so much shopping is done at a distance because of travel logistics. Many thanks to you all and to the museum staff if you are in touch with them. The house is perfect and will be well looked after.

Jenni Greihill-Lowcock

I would highly recommend this auction house, the staff are friendly, approachable and professional. I would like to thank each and everyone of them that took their time and helped me, they did an amazing job.

Ursula Lange

I received my auction lots today and I would just like to thank you for providing such an excellent service. I have dealt with many auction houses but have never had such a fast delivery of lots purchased, and seldom at such a reasonable cost.

Daniel Hammond

That is all fine and thank you for the ease in the whole dealing process. Some auction houses have kept me waiting since twelve months ago.

Steve Morgan (Australia)

Michael Bain is a very experienced valuer and auctioneer of all things toys and will give you good and accurate advice with regard to value and disposal. He will, if agreed, take all the model cars, etc back with him to the saleroom. I will leave it to you to make arrangements as necessary with the auctioneers. There is no need for me to attend; they are a well established and respected company and perhaps one of the best for this type of disposal.

John W

Just wanted to say thanks. I couldn’t be more impressed with the service you guys have given. It’s a pleasure to find an auction that not only a) posts, b) posts for a good price and c) posts quickly! All my items arrived packed superbly and quickly. I will definitely be buying again in the future (although the prices you get are good and I’m tight!! . . . so maybe not!!). All joking aside, fantastic service. Thank you very much.

Andy Stowe

I just wanted to let you know the items that I won at auction on Saturday were delivered yesterday safe and sound by UPS. They (the items) are fantastic; I’m really happy with them. Your descriptions were perfect and I will definitely look at using your auction house again next time there is a toy auction. Thanks again for the great service.

Steve Borkala